DELTA Readers: Me and my world

DELTA Readers: Me and my world

DELTA Readers "Me and my World" is a series which aims to share stories about people’s lives around the world and the issues that they are confronted with.

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  • All readers include:

    • explanations of new vocabulary directly at the bottom of each page
    • activities to check understanding and develop your language skills
    • Think about it: opportunities to reflect on what you have read
    • Find out more: questions and tasks designed to help you learn more about what you have read
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  • Terence Blacker

    Kathleen Clay

    Paul Davenport

    Ann Gianola

    M. G. Leonard

    Bernardo Morales

    Bernardo Morales

    Bernardo works as an educational consultant and teacher trainer for English language teaching and bilingual education. He has been involved in English Language teaching for over 10 years in schools in Costa Rica, Poland, Hungary, Scotland, China and Spain. His interests lie in phonology, bilingual education and teacher training.

    Dwain Pickett

    Roz Smith

    Frederick L. Wolf