Dive in!

Dive in!

The project-based short course

Make a splash with the new short course for teens

Dive in! is an innovative and complete course designed for 14-18 year olds. The 4 books are topic based and structured for short-stay courses. The course is designed to enhance the students’ stay with activities that are relevant to their summer experience with a project at the heart of course.

Trips, sports and community are just some of the areas covered so the students can build on their experience. Engaging activities include videos and audio with conversations in context
and a daily project that leads to a presentation at the end of the week. These are all easily downloadable with the DELTA Augmented app.

  • Downloads

  • Niveau
  • Konzeption

  • Flexible and fun

    • Suitable for 14-18 year olds
    • CEFR A2-B1
    • 4 books can be used in any order
    • Easy and fun to teach
    • Perfect for continuous enrolment

    Quick results for teenage students

    • Engaging and innovative activities
    • Project-based immersion course
    • Getting the most out if the surroundings

    Teacher support

    • Video, audio and quizzes, all on DELTA Augmented and Kahoot
    • Teachers notes
    • Guided notes on using the material effectively with minimal planning
  • Autoren

  • Fiona Mauchline

    Fiona Mauchline is an ELT materials writer, teacher, and freelance trainer and conference speaker. She is currently based in the UK but has spent most of her working life in Spain and other parts of Europe. She has published courses for secondary, and resource books for teachers. Her main areas of interest are motivation, collaborative learning, cognitive development of teenagers and neuroscience as applicable to ELT. She also has a love of photography, art, creative writing and theatre, and this spreads to her work. Dive in! is her first course for DELTA Publishing.