DVD Readers

DVD Readers

Landeskunde mal anders: mit Video, Übungen und vor allen Dingen viel Humor.

  • Konzeption

  • Alle Titel der Klett DVD Readers bieten lebendige und unterhaltsame Landeskunde mit viel Humor, pfiffige Kurzfilme zu einzelnen Themen sowie begleitende Texte und Übungen zum Seh- und Hörverstehen.

  • Autoren

  • Fiona Beddall

    Lynda Edwards

    Lynda Edwards

    I’ve been involved in EFL in one way or another all my working life and enjoyed every aspect! I spent many happy years in the classroom teaching a range of nationalities, ages and levels and also several years as a DOS (which was much more of a headache!) I was a teacher trainer for many years too. I’ve done a lot of work with exams and was an examiner for Cambridge ESOL. I now do a lot of item writing for several different papers which I find very stimulating.

    My greatest interest in recent years has been in writing and I’m lucky to have published quite a lot of materials. These include SkillsWork a higher level integrated skills book for Delta which came out earlier this year. I also really enjoy writing readers. EFL has been kind to me and through it I’ve met some amazing people. These days I spend most of my time writing and I’m very happy doing so. Long may it last!

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