On Point

On Point

On Point for your teaching needs

On Point is a six-level English course for adults and students from beginner to advanced levels (A1 to C1).
Available in print or, for online courses, a digital edition with interactive exercises in the Learning Management System (LMS) BlinkLearning!

On Point takes the best traditional teaching methods to give students a classic approach to learning English.
The course is easy to navigate with a clear layout, balanced in the 4 skills and includes video content on modern topics.

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  • Konzeption

  • Take and teach

    • Minimal planning necessary for each lesson
    • Clear progression, unit structure and a balanced set of introduction, exercise and practice sections
    • Numerous reviews for assessing the student’s level of knowledge
    • A course that is easy to navigate
    • Easy for all teachers including new and inexperienced teachers, teachers with a heavy workload and little time to prepare, or non-native English teachers


    Teacher's book

    • Before you start notes in each unit
    • Did you know information for further background knowledge
    • Simple but effective ideas for Fast finisher exercises


    Take and talk

    • Easy to use and easy for students to follow
    • Everything at a glance on one page
    • Up-to-date and easily understandable topics with a traditional approach
    • Vivid insights into a wide variety of topics
    • Clear, and motivating magazine-like layout
    • Design adapted to the materials, not vice versa!
  • Autoren

  • Louis Rogers

    Louis Rogers

    While studying for a degree in Marketing and English Language Studies, Louis also completed a Trinity Certificate in TESOL and taught in UK language schools for a couple of summers. After graduating, Louis moved immediately to Sicily, in Italy, for his first full-time teaching post. Here he taught general English to teenagers and adults.

    In 2001 Louis moved to Cologne, Germany, where he taught business English. His next job was teaching general English in Lisbon, Portugal, followed by a return to Cologne and more business English.

    In 2005 he returned to the UK and completed an MA in ELT at Nottingham Trent University, teaching EAP to International students alongside studying. After completing the MA, Louis taught international students for over a decade at the University of Reading. While teaching at the University of Reading, Louis began to write materials for a range of publishers. To date he has authored or co-authored over 50 titles in ELT.

    He lives in Reading with his wife, Cathy and their two children, plus the family cat, Rosie. In his spare time he enjoys playing football, coaching kids’ football and gardening.

    Cathy Rogers

    Cathy Rogers

    After graduating from Cardiff University with a degree in English Literature and German, Cathy had a brief career in customer services at a wine company, and then at a pharmaceutical company with customers in both the UK and Germany.

    She then took a TEFL course and moved to Cologne, in Germany, where she taught business English and met fellow-teacher, Louis. They then moved to Portugal together and taught general English at a language school in Lisbon. After a year there, an opportunity arose in Cologne, so they returned to Germany and moved back into teaching business English.

    They then decided to further their careers by gaining extra qualifications and so both did a masters in ELT at Nottingham Trent University. During this time, they also taught EAP to International students. After completing the MA, Cathy moved into Materials Development and worked in ELT publishing.

    She lives in Reading with Louis, their two children and their cat. She now works full time on materials creation, and teaches general English on a voluntary basis through an Oxford-based charity. In her spare time she enjoys running and has recently completed her first half-marathon.