Practise and Pass

Practise and Pass

Practise and Pass

Preparation for Cambridge English Qualifications

Step-by-step exam preparation with Practice Tests

Preparing you to pass! Practise and Pass offers step-by-step preparation for all school-age
students wanting to focus on passing a Cambridge English exam.

Practise and Pass for Schools is a series of exam preparation books for school-age students who
are preparing for the Cambridge English qualifications: A2 Key, B1 Preliminary and B2 First for

Practise and Pass for Schools is for students who need to prepare and practise for the updated
Cambridge English for Schools examinations over a relatively short period of time or alongside
another coursebook. Each book provides a minimum of 40 hours of material.

Practise and Pass for Schools focuses on exam preparation in an interesting and stimulating way,
providing students with the necessary exam skills, together with a wide-ranging revision of the
essential topic-based vocabulary and grammatical structures required at this level.

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  • 3 steps to success: Prepare, Practise and Pass = Perfect!

    • Focus on the language you need to perform well. Clear outline of:
      • what to expect in the exam
      • how the exam
        is structured
    • Focus on what you need to do to ace the exam task. Concise summary of:
      • what you have to do in every Part of every Paper
    • Take the exam and show off what you’ve learnt!


    • Summary sections at the end of each Paper focussing on how to perform on the day
    • Exam tips for every Part of every Paper
    • Topic-based vocabulary mind maps
    • Key grammar rules and examples
    • Key phrases to help you express yourself well in the Writing and Speaking tasks
    • One complete Practise Test in the book
    • Additional online Practice Tests
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  • Viv Lambert

    Bernardo Morales

    Bernardo Morales

    Bernardo works as an educational consultant and teacher trainer for English language teaching and bilingual education. He has been involved in English Language teaching for over 10 years in schools in Costa Rica, Poland, Hungary, Scotland, China and Spain. His interests lie in phonology, bilingual education and teacher training.

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