Practise and Pass

Practise and Pass

Preparation for Cambridge English Qualifications

Step-by-step exam preparation with Practice Tests

Preparing you to pass! Practise and Pass offers step-by-step preparation for all school-age
students wanting to focus on passing a Cambridge English exam.

  • Konzeption

  • 3 steps to success: Prepare, Practise and Pass = Perfect!

    • Focus on the language you need to perform well. Clear outline of:
      • what to expect in the exam
      • how the exam
        is structured
    • Focus on what you need to do to ace the exam task. Concise summary of:
      • what you have to do in every Part of every Paper
    • Take the exam and show off what you’ve learnt!


    • Summary sections at the end of each Paper focussing on how to perform on the day
    • Exam tips for every Part of every Paper
    • Topic-based vocabulary mind maps
    • Key grammar rules and examples
    • Key phrases to help you express yourself well in the Writing and Speaking tasks
    • One complete Practise Test in the book
    • Additional online Practice Tests
  • Autoren

  • Viv Lambert

    Bernardo Morales

    Cheryl Pelteret

    Megan Roderick