Real Business English

Real Business English

21st century skills at work

International – practical – focussed

Real Business English is a two-level business course covering CEFR levels B1 and B2. Developed together with companies, it is ideal for in-house company training.

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  • Konzeption

  • The Student’s Book includes:

    • Exercises allowing learners to speak about their own companies
    • Intercultural reading texts with helpful tips for doing business around the world
    • Listening activities with international speakers
    • A wide variety of topics covering many branches and industries
    • MP3 CD and DELTA Augmented with all recordings
    • Bring some fun into the classroom with multiple-choice Kahoot! quizzes available for each unit of Real Business English.
    • PDFs of the units are available through DELTA and Klett Augmented by scanning the first page of every unit.


    The Workbook includes:

    • Extra grammar explanations and practice
    • Extra vocabulary practice
    • Grammar guide with examples
    • Answer key


    The Teacher’s Book includes:

    • Extra suggestions such as pair and group work and other communication activities
    • Intercultural background information
    • Master copies
    • Answer keys to all activities in the Student’s Book